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If your home has sustained damage in a hail or high-wind storm, call us today and we'll get started returning everything to normal. We'll work directly with your insurance company to repair your home with quality products, and we will work to maximize your claim to ensure your home is brought back to the quality it had before the storm. Our job is to worry about your repairs for you. You, the homeowner, have a period of two years under the Colorado's Department of Insurance statute of limitations to address the claimed value for storm damage.


The process of detecting and evaluating hail damage is subjective at best, and often everyone involved will offer a different assessment. Damage can range from large, highly visible dents and tears to almost undetectable indentations or invisible granule damage. However, even small amounts of damage can harm the surfacing material, leading to deterioration of the shingles months later. Normally, if a shingle indicates damage, the underlying components may be affected to some degree. On damaged roofs, the hail impact may affect the granular surfacing in the asphalt top coating. This loosens the granules, potentially allowing the granules to separate from the coating layer and wash off the roof. Without the granule surfacing, the asphalt top coating is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from ordinary sunlight and will eventually deteriorate exposing the fiberglass substrate and creating the potential for a leak. On severe hail damage, the fiberglass substrate may be physically broken further, compromising the weather integrity of the shingle. Without visible damage there is no real way to be sure how much damage shingles have encountered. Damage may not appear until months or years later.

When evaluating hail damage, look for the following conditions:

  • Tears in the Shingle – Tears are normally worse on reproofs due to the irregular surface support. The main areas showing damage usually include hips, ridges, sides of dragon’s teeth, and butt edges of shingles.

  • Indentations in the Shingle – Indentations will be either round or half-moon shaped. Some damage may not be visible and will require you to feel for any indentations, or to break the bonds of the shingle and feel the backside for any irregularities.

  • Excessive Granule Loss – May be an indicator of possible damage. Check gutters or the ground around the house for loose granules. Accelerated granule loss will significantly reduce the life of the shingle.

    Other Collateral Damage:

  • Broken skylights

  • Broken windows

  • Tree or shrub damage

  • Car dents

Roof Repairs
Repairs Can Save Time and Money

Sometimes roofs have problems long before they need to be replaced. Roof repairs can often be a simple solution to fixing leaks and overall maintenance. We will provide you with our honest opinion about your roof’s condition. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a safe, functional roof.

A Leaky Roof Is Not An Indicator of A Faulty Roof:
We would love to sell you an entirely new roof. However, if all you need is a repair we will be happy to give you our honest opinion. One of our biggest priorities is building relationships with our customers that will be beneficial to us both, while also building a client list of very satisfied customers. If you want the truth about whether a repair can extend the life of your roof, give us a call @ 303-587-7855.

Buying precious time:
Most people do not plan to replace their roof before a leak shows up. That’s why we will do everything we can to offer a solution that will buy you extra time to budget for your roof’s replacement. If a repair is a viable solution that can give you time to raise the funds for a new roof, we will be more than happy to help.

Quick Action Can Reduce Cost:
Have you seen a leak inside your home? Now is the time to call 1st Choice Restoration. We can assess your roof’s damage, and devise a plan to repair almost any issue. If done quickly, this will reduce other costly damage that may occur. If you wait, you face the risk of losing many options that you might currently have. Damaged or rotten wood, ruined insulation and sheetrock are items that can be avoided if you act now. Call us today @ 303-587-7855 and we’ll get started solving your problem immediately.

Highly Versed Repairmen:
At 1st Choice Restoration, our project managers are highly trained in almost all types of roofing systems. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competition when it comes time to repairs. We will assess the installation technique used to install your roof initially, and devise a plan to remediate any damage that may have occurred.

Commercial Roofing
At 1st CHOICE RESTORATION, our highly trained staff guarantees your commercial project will finish on time and on budget.
Our on-site project manager guarantees you will have continued communication, support, and crew supervision for the duration of the project.
Our expert sales professionals are trained to work closely with you and your insurance company, making the process simple and worry-free.
We understand the fears and frustrations the roofing industry has caused property managers and homeowners in years past. As you can rest assured you are dealing with a local, well established company. Our integrity and true belief in service after the sale means that you will never have to worry about any post installation issue that may arise. Your roof is the most important part of your structure. It keeps the building and all of your personal items safe from destruction. Preventative maintenance and cleaning can prolong the life of your roof and help prevent roof leaks.

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